Top 10 Worst Cities To Live In Massachusetts In 2017


Massachusetts is, by all accounts, a very special place in this country. You’ve got a ton of history and culture. Its residents are proud Americans with a rich sense of passion and purpose. Avid sports fans, and true-blood, die-hard folks, without whom, this nation wouldn’t be the same. Boston just might be America’s finest city. And then you have places like Brockton and Taunton. Some real pits.

Like all states, Massachusetts has its share of issues. We’re not here to get into a debate with Massholes in terms of which city you think is best. We’ll leave that to the comments. Instead, we’ll approach this from another standpoint. We’re going to use science to tell us where the really bad places in the Bay State are to live. Because, data never lies, does it?

After analyzing the 224 most populous cities, we came up with this list as the 10 worst places in Massachusetts.

10. Athol


Population: 7,772
Median income: $41,376
Home cost: $154,500
Unemployment rate: 7.7%

The crime and unemployment rates are far above the state average and the homes here are the 8th cheapest in Massachusetts in Athol. And the population here is shrinking fast.

On a positive note, the 11,000 people who live here have two Dunkies all to themselves.

Athol is in the north central part of the state, east of Greenfield.


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